Our Process

Every item sent to ElectroniCycle is initially examined by technicians-in-training to determine whether it is worth sending into the Technical Department. All damaged, broken, or obsolete devices (and all those sent with specific destruction orders) are sent to our Demanufacturing department for manual disassembly or shredding.  

About 50% of items are examined in the Technical Department by journeymen, or one of our Master Technicians. Of those, 5%-10% are repaired in house, or recovered for parts. Over 40 different types of parts and repaired products are kept in stock.

Another 5%-10% of material is sent off site to specialty repair houses. For example, ElectroniCycle exchanges repairable and non-repairable video display equipment with specialty operations across the US. Some items, such as cosmetically flawed but working Televisions, or VCRs (with little current demand in the US) are designated as working or easily repairable by the Technical Department, and marketed to Central & South America, Eastern Europe or Asia. In all, about 15% of the material is finally recovered for reuse and repair - visit our parts department

The 85% of material not qualified for reuse is sent to the Demanufacturing Department. The Demanufacturing team breaks material down into over 50 categories of scrap, sorted by chemistry and grade. Plastic is separated by polymer, copper bearing materials (wire, copper yokes, degaussing coils, etc.) are separated by copper chemistry, light aluminum is sorted from heavy aluminum. Even glass CRTs are processed into barium, leaded, and mixed glass, for recycling back into cathode ray tubes.  See pictures below...

ABS Plastic is sorted from HIPS plastic prior to baling                      

Wood is chipped for use as gradient, optical mirrors are recovered for use as mirrors. We even recover the screws (which can be hand sorted overseas for reuse).  ElectroniCycle's residue rate is estimated at less than 1% of processed material.


Computer circuit boards are sorted to recover reusable ICs, memory and cards before being sent off site for processing for gold, palladium, silver and copper recovery.

Panel glass  containing Barium is separated from leaded funnel glass, for higher end recycling uses .


Wood from TV consoles is processed for beneficial land use applications.

Monitors are examined by the Technical Department. Those which can be repaired and reused are repaired in-house or sent to monitor specialists. Each monitor is sold as an individual unit for positive revenue, by separate FCC code, date of manufacture, brand, size, model and condition.

Computers, like the Apple PowerMacs above, are individually sorted by speed, memory, hard drive, etc. Hard drives are completely erased prior to reuse.

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