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TV Recycler Announces New "Turn-Key" Service

GARDNER, MA ElectroniCycle Inc. of Massachusetts has released a new type of "1-day collection event" contract aimed at retailers, charities and municipalities without environmental budgets.

The "Turn-Key" program places all risk for fee collections with ElectroniCycle Inc. In return for a "Hosting Agreement" signed by the municipality, ElectroniCycle will guarantee that the event will be paid for using only participant fees.

"Surveys and experience keep telling us the same thing," says Robin Ingenthron, vice president of ElectroniCycle. "Consumers don't throw out a TV every day. They want to get the thing out of their attic. They want to see it reused if possible. But most of all, they want service."

Once a host (retailer, charity, or municipality) agrees to publicize the event and pay a small deposit, ElectroniCycle will guarantee that residents and participants will support the cost of the program. At an average cost of $10 per unit, each consumer can donate "almost anything with a cord". The administration costs are completely handled by ElectroniCycle.

This type of "turn-key" program was successfully administered for over a year by American Retroworks Inc. in Vermont (founded by Ingenthron and acquired by ElectroniCycle in 2001). The county paid for advertising but washed its hands of fee collection and handling.

The nationally known recycling organization Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has recently awarded ElectroniCycle its first major contract for "turn-key" services. That project, funded by the USDA and Electronics Industry Alliance, will include "Turn-Key" events in New Hampshire as well as permanent collection programs and traditional municipal drop-off programs in Maine and Vermont.


For more information, contact:
Robin Ingenthron

vice president
ElectroniCycle/American Retroworks, Inc.
802-382-8500; 800-829-5082
Web site: http://www.retroworks.com
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