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TV Recycler Announces Major Plant Expansion

GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS ElectroniCycle, Inc. announced its move today to a new Headquarters in Gardner, Massachusetts. The new plant will bring under one roof the electronics reuse and recycling operations from Spencer Massachusetts, Middlebury Vermont, and Auburn, Mass.

ElectroniCycle Inc. was recently renewed as official state contractor to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Massachusetts DEP currently enforces the nation's only disposal ban on Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), the leaded glass picture tubes inside TVs and monitors. Under this contract, ElectroniCycle Inc. is obligated to accept electronics from any city, town, or charity for a fee of 10-15 cents per pound.

The new expansion was made possible in part through a competitive grant tentatively awarded by DEP to ElectroniCycle. The DEP's "Recycling Industry Reimbursement Credit" provides Electronicycle with $50,000 for plant expansion.

The new plant helps Electronicycle to continue its rapid growth (from 400,000 lbs. of material in 1999 to a projected 6 million pounds of electronics this year) while maintaining its NESDA membership and OEM-authorized repair operations. ElectroniCycle Inc. is the only major electronics recycler with a 25-year history in repairs of consumer electronics.

"The new capacity allows us to grow without further compromising our repair business," said President Dick Peloquin. "We are particularly interested in building on our partnerships with area charities." So far this year, ElectroniCycle has shipped over 500 TVs and computers back for resale with Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, and other Reuse operations.

"Electronicycle's reuse operation isn't just the key to affordable recycling," said Robin Ingenthron, Vice President. "It's also the highest form of recycling. And the charities make money from the resale. Its win, win, win."

For more information, contact:
Robin Ingenthron

Vice President
Electronicycle Inc./American Retroworks
Web site: http://www.electronicycle.com
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