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Recycling Services: Corporate
ElectroniCycle, Inc. offers corporate clients a choice of destinies for electronic scrap. We provide either certified destruction, refurbishment for resale, or assisted asset giving. ElectroniCycle guarantees complete and accurate recordkeeping and certification of each process.

Destruction and Recycling: For flawed production runs, or documented data destruction services, we understand the liabilities you face. For an added fee, ElectroniCycle offers complete electronics shredding services on our site, and will videotape, or accommodate witness of, destruction to your specifications. ElectroniCycle is the specified "end market" for several corporate asset recovery companies in the Northeast.

Asset Recovery: For items like monitors and computers, ElectroniCycle can provide less expensive service by recovering useful parts for resale. ElectroniCycle Inc. will take complete ownership of the assets. If reused, all hard drives will be completely erased and only licensed software will be replaced on any machine.

Corporate Giving: If you would like to take a corporate donation for processed materials, we will transfer refurbished electronics to one of several 501-c(3) charity partners, such as Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, or digital divide organizations such as World Computer Exchange. While extra shipping, refurbishment and handling costs will apply to asset transfers, by doing your part you may achieve a tax break while gaining recognition as a good corporate citizen.

in picture 1, material has been shredded to ensure confidential destruction.  In picture 2, pentium computers have been refurbished and readied for a second life.

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