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Recycling Services: Consumer
ElectroniCycle Inc. offers complete recycling services for all types of consumer electronics and most types of electric appliances.

One-Day Collection Events

Municipality, retailer, or charity hosts. These are done either on contract to the host or "turn-key" events where recycling fees are paid directly to ElectroniCycle by participating consumers.  (Click on the picture above for an example of a recent collection event sponsored by EIA).

Permanent Collection Facilities  

ElectroniCycle can either provide and service a permanent trailer or make collections on a regular basis. Currently we service municipal recycling depots, charity warehouses, transfer stations and disposal facilities.

Individual Drop-off

Our dock is open for anyone with any size delivery. You are welcome to stop by  with one old TV or computer or an entire truckload. Many choose to ship us small items by UPS or similar carriers. In either case, please contact us first for a dock appointment or shipping instructions. Thank you for recycling!

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