About ElectroniCycle
Where we started

ElectroniCycle Inc. was established in 1999 by the owners of a 30-year old TV and appliance repair business, which had 3 facilities in central Massachusetts.

In 2000, ElectroniCycle Inc. won a competitive bid to recycle CRTs in Massachusetts, the first state to ban them from disposal.

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In 2001, ElectroniCycle Inc. moved from Spencer, MA and opened a new 50,000 s.f. facility in Gardner, Massachusetts.


Where we are headed

As a computer's lifespan shortens, and High Definition Digital Television looms on the horizon, more generators are looking for environmentally safe management of their CRTs and electronics.

ElectroniCycle Inc. is the official CRT recycler for three statewide programs, and several corporations, counties and waste haulers.

 Watch us grow!

1999 -      400,000 lbs. recycled

 2000 -   2,500,000 lbs. recycled

 2001 -   4,200,000 lbs. recycled

 2002 4,400,000 lbs. recycled

 2003 4,600,000 lbs. recycled

 2004 more in progress !!


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