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Recycling creates 100 times more jobs per ton than disposal.  Did you know that repair creates 100 times more jobs than recycling?

ElectroniCycle's technical crew is refurbishing qualified products for resale in participating Goodwill Industries and Salvation Army Thrift stores in New England.  Less than 15% of material is ultimately worthy of repair, but the value of those assets makes recycling more affordable. 

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We also test and resell hard-to-find parts for the domestic repair market.  For domestic or foreign buyers, we can build your order, one transistor or 1500 monitors sorted to your needs. 

If you can't find it on our Recycled Parts page, please contact us with your inquiry.

End-of-Life Scrap

The material our technical staff cannot repair economically is diagnosed as repairable, harvested for parts, or sent to the Demanufacturing Department.  All "end-of-life" equipment is recycled at our plant in Massachusetts.

We sell dozens of categories of copper, aluminum, barium glass, leaded glass, ferrous metal, gold, palladium, and other raw materials to meet the growing needs of the electronics industry.

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Over 85% of the 10 million pounds we manage is recycled into scrap steel, copper, plastic, glass, aluminum, wood and other raw materials.

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For consumers seeking repairs on individual units please use the following resources:

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